About Us


Istanbul 29 Mayıs University Turkish Teaching and Application Centre (TÜRÖMER) has been founded on the purpose of teaching Turkish to foreign students by efficient teaching methods in contemporary educational classes, promoting Turkey and Turkish culture, conducting scientific research and preparing publication on this subject. 

The Centre’s Field of Activity

  1. Developing and applying the methods and techniques of teaching Turkish as a foreign language by a linguistic perspective.
  2. Cooperating and conducting common studies with similar centers in countries where Turkish is spoken.
  3. Developing and conducting the content of service classes which are Turkish thematic.
  4. Troubleshooting the usage of spoken and written Turkish, organizing courses and seminars oriented to a more convenient and effective use of the language.
  5. Organizing national and international congresses on Turkish education and coming up with solutions to problems available.
  6. Organizing events and activities oriented to promoting not only Turkish but also Turkish culture.
  7. Organizing convenient training courses and providing certificates for students who would like to learn Turkish as a second language by applying placement tests.
  8. Organizing summer programs oriented to those who learn Turkish as a second language outside Turkey in order to let them acquire the language in its natural environment .
  9. Providing preparatory training for Turkish Preparatory classes of Turcology Departments (Turkish Language and Literature) which conduct their studies outside Turkey.
  10. Organizing courses oriented to the needs of official (Consulate, Embassy etc.) and private institutions’ and cooperations’ staff, conducting in-service seminars and authenticating them with a certificate.